I believe Andrew is by far the best mentor I've had so far. His explanations are very clear and he has great links to articles which allows you to learn without giving you the answer.

- @mzrickers sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

A very dedicated mentor. He always give detail comments about things that I missed or something I could do in order to improve. Learn a lot form him.

- @dzung-min sur Space AgeExercism

Thanks for being polite and patient. Very thorough and detailed review, appreciate it. You are knowledgeable and trying to convey your ideas by various ways.

- @cema-sp sur Space AgeExercism

Very thorough and goes above and beyond mere syntax by reinforcing good programming habits and suggesting external learning resources.

- @jdtreeblossom sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Andrew gave me great feedback helping me to quickly see better ways to refactor my code.

- @andrenbrandao sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

wow andrew has actually helped me complete this exercise in 3 iterations , he gave great advice that helped optimze my code

- @YAOfficial sur Resistor ColorExercism

Thank you mentor for great tips

- @dynamo-patch sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Excellent feedback. Thank you :)

- @drmarconi sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Mentor's feedback is specific, kind, and actionable. Very amazing mentor!

- @katherine95 sur Resistor ColorExercism

Concise and well-thought out feedback!

- @JDGuillaume sur GigasecondExercism

Really great mentor. Provided encouragement along with terrific advice.

- @theadle sur GigasecondExercism

Thanks for the feedback! Your explications and suggestions on improvements were outstanding!

- @paulohfev sur AcronymExercism

Brilliant mentor - knowledgeable, friendly and giving good pointers! Doesn't let you settle on easiest answer, makes you adapt best practices!

- @Scorpio93x sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

As always, excellent feedback with detailed responses.

- @JDGuillaume sur Space AgeExercism

Excellent and clear code review comments. Very much appreciate the valuable feedback.

- @csamywilliams sur RNA TranscriptionExercism

Hi, Thank you for your advice.

- @Roman121286 sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

I really like the way he guided

- @Basit313 sur RaindropsExercism

Andrew is a very helpful and patient mentor and helped me out a great deal to get started when I was struggling. He has all the right qualities to be a mentor

- @Mxotho28 sur Two FerExercism

Love all the feedback and encouragement!

- @msesun sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Andrew was super helpful with everything and left great links. I learned a ton!

- @mzrickers sur RaindropsExercism

very helpful, gave useful suggestions for my code.

- @trottdeaje sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Andrew provided lots of extra info for me to read & study. It all helped to better understand where my code was weak and helped deepen my understanding of core subjects related to the exercise. I'd be happy have Andrew as a mentor again.

- @digitalian sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Andrew is the truth! I definitely learned a lot from him.

- @47analogy sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Detailed responses without giving too much away. Excellent mentor.

- @yannykyps sur RNA TranscriptionExercism

Very supportive and guided me to an optimized solution!

- @someotherkyle sur GigasecondExercism

Helpful and thoughtful comments and feedback :)

- @enitschorn sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Very good tips and tricks.

- @vstanifo sur High ScoresExercism

Very Helpful

- @drumovski sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Andrew has been nothing short of incredible! He has a wonderful friendly attitude. He took a lot of time to answer my specific questions on arguably small issues and he gave me super detailed and easy to understand answers that were extremely helpful. His kind attitude and professional advice were extremely valuable, and I appreciate him for taking the time and effort to help me in my developer Journey. I will try to keep the mentality I saw from him in my coming days, being friendly, applying best practices, and helping developers who might be less experienced! Thank you, Andrew!

- @SamAlhabash sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Andrew's feedback is wonderfully clear and well-considered.

- @pgmcdonnell sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Very friendly and helpful mentor!

- @paraZite39 sur RaindropsExercism

Andrew was great and extremely thorough in helping me break down a problem. I had a general idea on how to solve the problem, but Andrew walked me through it with just enough hints without giving too much away. He answered all my questions and was absolutely great. 10/10

- @jtcaovan sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Andrew is very knowledgeable and his comments and feedback are very insightful. He helps you find the best solution for your problems without giving the solution away. I learned a lot from him.

- @RoPalma95 sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Very motivated, super-helpful teacher. Doesn't limit discussion strictly to the bounds of the exercise at hand - is eager and willing to discuss related topics that could enrich one's understanding.

- @jdtreeblossom sur RNA TranscriptionExercism

Excellent Mentor

- @ghernandezr sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Can I give him 6? (Mostly because I've had nothing but 5 star interactions with mentors but Andrew was awesome)

- @jfahler sur GigasecondExercism

Excellent mentor

- @ghernandezr sur GigasecondExercism

Andrew really took the time to give me extensive and descriptive guidance throughout many iterations of the code. He focused not only on the functionality but also in those subtle details that make the code easier to read and more elegant.

- @diegotc86 sur RaindropsExercism

Great feedback, very helpful!

- @csamywilliams sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Thank you very much for explaining me the first hurdles of JS :)

- @altepizza sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

Once again I have to recognize the amount of detail and perspective that Andrew brings on every interaction we have. Empathetic and challenging, great combo!

- @diegotc86 sur IsogramExercism

Provides good feedback, questions everything!

- @kotp sur DartsExercism

Best mentor ever.

- @keifererikson sur PangramExercism

Feedback was helpful!

- @JHualoto sur Resistor ColorExercism

He is an excellent mentor, he gave me incredible advice.

- @ghernandezr sur RNA TranscriptionExercism

Super helpful and friendly as always ?

- @lancelote sur Space AgeExercism

Great mentor, very friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Their feedback is descriptive and insightful, providing examples and external resources to better understand and improve the code.

- @Albie24 sur Resistor Color DuoExercism

awesome mentor! took his/her time to parse my code and provide HELPFULL feedback and input.

- @dev-opus sur Two FerExercism

Andrew has been my mentor for two challenges now and has exceeded my expectations both times! He will work through each issue in your solution by providing hints and references to documentation, giving you just enough to solve it yourself. Andrew gladly clarify or answer any points of confusion with extreme detail. Super helpful, hope to have him in another challenge!

- @jtcaovan sur RNA TranscriptionExercism

Thanks for your thorough suggestion on my coding effort.

- @dynamo-patch sur GigasecondExercism